Photochemical & Photobiological Sciences Presentation Prize (RSC)
Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology C: Photochemistry Reviews Presentation Prize (Elsevier)
Journal of Materials Chemistry A Presentation Prize (RSC)
Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology A: Chemistry Presentation Prize (Elsevier)

Photochemical & Photobiological Sciences Presentation Prize (RSC)

2018/9/6Takuya YAMAKADO (Kyoto Univ.)
"Activation of a Flapping Fluorescent Mechanophore Accompanied by Void Collapse and Energy Transfer in a Crystalline Phase"
2017/9/5Michihisa UEDA (Univ. of Tokyo)
"Accelerated Ring Inversion of a [4n]annulene Derivative by Photo-stabilization of its Planar Transition State"
2015/9/10Kenji SETOURA (Osaka Univ.)
"Stationary Bubble Formation and Optofluidics Induced by CW Laser Heating of a Single Gold Nanoparticle"
2014/10/12Kazuhiro KITAGAWA (Kyushu Univ.)
"Luminescence Photochromism of Gadolinium(III) Complexes"

Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology C: Photochemistry Reviews Presentation Prize (Elsevier)

2018/9/6Pedro Paulo FERREIRA DA ROSA (Hokkaido Univ.)
"Thermo-sensitive seven-coordinate Tb(III) complexes with ethynyl groups in phosphine oxide ligand"
2017/9/5Masafumi KOGA (Osaka Univ.)
"Ultrafast Photoionization Dynamics of a Phenylenediamine Derivative in Solution Phase Induced by Femtosecond Multiphoton Excitation"
2016/9/7Akinobu NAKADA (Tokyo Tech)
"Visible-light-driven CO2sub> Reduction by a Hybrid Photocatalyst Consisting of a Ru(II) Binuclear Complex and a TaON Semiconductor in Aqueous Solutions"
2015/9/10Ruiji LI (NAIST)
"Photon-Quantitative 6π-Electrocyclization of a Diarylbenzo[b]thiophene in Polar Medium"
2014/10/12Hiroaki YAMASHITA (Aoyama Gakuin Univ.)
"Finding of a Novel Fast Photochromic Compound - Pentaarylbiimidazole (PABI)"

Journal of Materials Chemistry A Presentation Prize (RSC)

2018/9/6Hironori KOUNO (Kyushu Univ.)
"Near infrared-to-visible aqueous photon upconversion based on hydrophobic ion pairing"
2017/9/5西谷 暢彦(京都大学)
2016/9/7西村 涼(龍谷大学)
2015/9/10Hajime TSUJIOKA (Osaka City Univ.)
"Photocontrol of Birefringence in Diarylethene Crystals"
2014/10/12Soichi YOKOYAMA (Kyoto Univ.)
"STM Observation of the 2-Thieny-Type Diarylethene Derivative Showing Cooperative Self-Assembly Process at the Liquid/Solid Interface"

Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology A: Chemistry Presentation Prize (Elsevier)

2018/9/6Jun UCHIDA (Tokyo Univ. of Sci.)
"H2 Evolution under Visible Light Irradiation over Metal Sulfide Photocatalysts with Cocatalyst Loaded by Various Procedures"
2017/9/5Shunsuke OKAMOTO (Oaska Univ.)
"Fluorescence Lifetime Measurement under an Optical Microscope on the Basis of Pump-Dump Scheme"
2016/9/7Syed Zahid HASSAN (Tokyo Metropolitan Univ.)
"Photoresponsive Azobenzene/Niobate Hybrid Nanoscrolls: Photo-reactivity and nanostructure"
2015/9/10Kaishi NARUSHIMA (Tokyo Tech)
"Nanoscale Characterization of Photochemical Upconversion by Single-Particle Spectroscopy"
2014/10/12Katsuya IWASHINA (Tokyo Univ. of Sci.)
"Solar Hydrogen Production using Cu(I)-substituted Oxide Photocatalysts with Visible Light Response"


2018/9/6 口頭発表部門
Akinobu MIYOSHI (Tokyo Tech)
"Synthesis of nitrogen/fluorine codoped rutile TiO2 photocatalyst and its application for Z-scheme water splitting"
Mami YASUKAGAWA (Gunma Univ.)
"Development of ratiometric oxygen probes with cell-penetrating peptide and measurement of intracellular oxygen levels"
Yuki KIMURA (Kobe Univ.)
"Mechanistic insights into photochemical reactions on organic lead halide perovskites from single-particle spectroscopy"
Maria TAKAHASHI (Tokyo Tech)
"Photochemical Multi-electron Accumulation and Photocatalytic Reaction Using a Hybrid Consisting of a Ring-shaped Re(I) Tetranuclear"
佐野 奎斗(首都大学東京)
矢野 喜男(九州大学)
中莖 祐介(京都大学)
Kohei MORIMOTO (Osaka City Univ.)
"Dependence of Photoinduced Birefringence Change of Diarylethene Crystals on Their Molecular Structures"
2017/9/5 口頭発表部門
Yutaro KURAMOTO (Osaka Prefecture Univ.)
"Unique Solvatofluorochromism of an Amine-Ketone Dyad Fixed in syn-Conformation"
Mingoo JIN (Hokkaido Univ.)
"Phosphorescence Control via Molecular Rotation in Solid Phase"
Shunpei OIKAWA (Hokkaido Univ.)
"Electrochemical tuning of gap distance of Au Nanodimer in a single nm scale"
Shino SASAKI (Ehime Univ.)
"Electron-transfer fluorescence quenching of perylenediimide nanoparticles with surface adsorbed donor"
"Efficient electro-cycloreversion reactivity of dithienylthiazole and dibenzothienylthiazole"
Izuru KARIMATA (Kobe Univ.)
"Slow Charge Transfer Process over a Few Nanoseconds in Heterostructured CH3NH3PbBr3-xIx"
Naonari SAKAMOTO (Tohoku Univ.)
"Highly enhanced emission of visible-light from core-dual shell hybridized nanoparticles"
Yuka TACHII (Osaka Univ.)
"Observation of nuclear wavepacket dynamics and control reaction on multiphoton cycloreversion reaction of a diarylethene derivative"
Yuta YAMAMOTO (Kobe Univ.)
"Time-Resolved EPR Study on Photoinduced Charge-Transfer Trap State in Thiophene-Thiazolothiazole Copolymer Film"
石田 沙奈恵(熊本大学)
長町 伸宏(大阪大学)
米川 いずみ(青山学院大学)
2016/9/7 口頭発表部門
Izuru KARIMATA (Kobe Univ.)
"Long-range charge transfer and transient species formation during halide exchange reaction on an organolead halide perovskite crystal"
Shun OOMAGARI (Hokkaido Univ.)
"Dependency ofspin of lanthanide electrons on ligand emission in lanthanide clusters"
Koichiro SAITO (Univ. of Tokyo)
"Control of morphology and optical properties of silver nanocubes based on plasmon-induced charge separation"
Yusuke YONEDA (Osaka Univ.)
"The excitation energy transfer mechanism of hybrid photosynthetic antenna complex system"
前田 尚生(京大院工)
阿児 拓海(神戸大)
石崎 良太(日大)
佐々木 志乃(愛媛大)
"Preparation and fluorescence properties of perylenediimide nanoparticles having a one-dimensional π-staking structure"
中濱 龍源(阪市大)
西山 尚登(山口大)
矢地 莉勇人(北大)
柳 俊佑(東大)
Ruiji LI (NAIST)
"Self-contained Photoacid Generator using a subsequent reaction of photocyclization of teraylenes"
Wijak YOSPANYA (Tohoku Univ.)
"Supramolecular asymmetric photochirogenesis mediated by synthetic antibody: The effect of the temperature, pH and ionic strength upon [4+4] enantiodifferentiating photodimerization of 2-anthracenecarboxylate mediated by synthetic scFv antibody"
2015/9/10 口頭発表部門
奥畑 智貴(関西学院大)
"Electron Transfer Process in CdSe NPLs-Acceptor Molecule Complexes"
佐々木 俊輔(東工大)
"Photophysical properties of strongly twisted bis(N,N-dialkylamino)anthracene"
田中 未來(阪府大)
"Photophysical Properties of Difluoroboron β-Diketonate Complex Possessing the [2.2]Paracyclophane Moiety"
新井 悠平(阪大院基礎工)
金澤 類(奈良先端大物質)
岡本 拓也(阪市大院理)
阪口 彬(京大院工)
前田 尚生(京大院工)
立見 大地(首都大院都市環境)
2014/10/12 口頭発表部門
青竹 達也(奈良先端大物質創成)
奥野 克樹(阪大院基礎工)
北川 和宏(九大院工)
櫻田 健太(北大院総合)
間瀬 一馬(九大院工)
山下 裕明(青学大)
"Finding of a novel fast photochromic compound -Pentaarylbiimidazole (PABI)"
岩品 克哉(東理大理)
横山 創一(京大院工)
栗原 綾子(名大院工)
大谷 優太(首都大院都市環境)
大曲 駿(北大院総化)
杉内 瑞穂(北大院環境)
和田 智志(北大院工)
鈴木 健太郎(北大院理)
2013/9/12 口頭発表部門
川島 祥(北大院総化)
武藤 克也(青学大理工)
"Photochromism of [2.2]Paracyclophane-Bridged Bis(imidazole dimer)"
土居 哲也(名大院工)
岡村 奈生己(阪府大院工)
沖本 紗季(関学大院理工)
大矢 直樹(阪市大院理)
木戸 大希(阪府大院工)
倉本 悠太郎(阪府大院工)
鈴木 直弥(名大院理)
「Ru(II) - Re(I)二核錯体を光触媒として用いたCO2光還元における反応機構」
2012/9/13 口頭発表部門
石田 洋平(首都大院都市環境)
井上 隼仁(中央大理工)
「レーザー温度ジャンプ過渡格子法による温度制御されたポリ(N-イソプロピルアクリルアミド) 水溶液の相転移・相緩和ダイナミクス測定」
加藤 智博(名大院工)
篠田 実央(青学大院理工)
内貴 博之(東北大多元研)
宮田 康平(北大院総合化学)
伊平 寛(群馬大院工)
上田 裕太郎(東工大院理工)
川島 雄樹(阪大院工)
北川 裕一(東大生産研)
冨依 勇佑(阪府大院工)
廣瀬 拓哉(関西学院大院理工)
和藤 大鑑(東京理科大理)
2011/9/8 物理・無機光化学部門
加藤 慧(阪大院工)
玉井 康成(京大院工)
浅田 直哉(阪府大院工)
藤本 敦司(阪大院工)
石田 洋平(首都大院都市環境)
角谷 繁宏(阪大太陽エネ化研セ)
2010/9/10 物理光化学部門
大場 達也(東工大院理工)
近藤 正人(京大院理)
安倍 雄一郎(九大院薬)
松井 康哲(阪府大院工)
撹上 健二(群馬大院工)pシリル置換アゾベンゼン類の色素増感太陽電池における増感特性」
北川 大地(阪市大院工)
2009/9/17 物理化学部門
森 一也(阪大院基礎工)
坂野 豪(京大院工)
水島 健太郎(阪大院工)
「9-メシチル-10-メチルアクリジニウムイオンを光触媒とする臭化水素水による 芳香族炭化水素の光臭素化」
西川 圭祐(福井大院工)
関澤 佳太(東工大院理工)
黒岩 高志(群馬大院工)
2008/9/12 物理化学部門
梶 貴博(阪大院基礎工)
内藤 一也(阪大産研)
関 朋宏(千葉大院自然科学)
井関 勇介(九大院工)
楠本 啓貴(名大院工)
河合 重和(奈良先端大物質)
西 弘泰(大阪市大院工)
2007/9/27 物理化学部門
野々口 斐之(奈良先端大)
中曽根 祐介(京大院理)
猪熊 泰英(京大院理)
小阪田 泰子(阪大産研)
横田 幸恵(北大電子研)