Annual Meeting on Photochemistry 2013 will be held for three days between September 11 (Wed.) and 13 (Fri.) at Johoku Campus, Ehime University. Since the First Meeting on Photochemistry held in 1960, this will be the first Meeting held in the Shikoku region as the 52nd Meeting.

Annual Meeting on Photochemistry is the most important gathering where we, researchers on photochemistry, present and discuss our research works. It is also an occasion where we broaden our knowledge on the unfamiliar fields and exchange information in person as well as enhance interaction. In the 21st century of "the era of light", Photochemistry needs further development in basic studies and applied techniques in various fields. It is also important to discover and cultivate innovative researches focusing on the future. We hope Annual Meeting on Photochemistry provides opportunities for the researchers to meet together to enthusiastically discuss various topics on photochemistry and gain energy for the future researches.

Annual Meeting on Photochemistry 2013 basically follows the meeting style taken last year. Same as last year, we plan to hold Oral Presentation Sessions in three rooms in addition to Symposiums at a separate room. The main Symposium will be held basically under open proposal system. Themes of the Symposium could include important fields where we need to discuss intensively at Annual Meeting on Photochemistry, unexplored fields that have not been obvious, fields that could take boundary disciplines and the areas that had not been covered often in the past Meetings.

We also plan to have another Symposium mainly featuring young researchers and female researchers. We will not hold an independent International Session this time, however, we decided to ask presenters to choose the language at the time of registration for Oral, Poster and Symposium presentation. Then we will make English presentation sessions gathering presentations in the relative fields. Also same as last year, we will welcome Oral Presentation by students and will provide "Best Presentation Award for Students" each for Oral and Poster presentations. We will hold an award lecture by "The JPA Award for Young Photochemists 2012" awardee for the first time.

The host city Matsuyama is a historical sightseeing place famous for Dogo Spa and Shiki Matsuoka, a famous “haiku” poet. It is also blessed with ocean and mountain fare and scenic beauty. Easily accessed by air and highway busses and many good accommodations are available. From Ehime University, the venue of the Meeting, it only takes 15-minute walk to reach Matsuyama-jo castle and Dogo Spa. It will be a good opportunity to take advantage of the Meeting to refresh yourselves.

We would like to call for many and active participation in Annual Meeting on Photochemistry 2013 in September. Your contribution to the Meeting is highly appreciated.

Chair of Local Organizing Committee, Annual Meeting on Photochemistry 2013
Hideko KOSHIMA, Ehime University

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