Abstract Guidlines

Please prepare an abstract by following the instructions below.

  • Paper size: One page of A4-sized paper in landscape orientation, two columns, including figure, table and reference.
  • Margin: 18mm top and bottom, 20 mm left and right.
  • Font: Use Times. The title should be typed with a 16-point font (Bold) and the text with a 14-point font.
  • Type in single line spacing.
  • All text and figures will be printed in black and white.
  • Please check the gray scale of the colored figures as they will be automatically reduced to monochrome tone.
  • Two abstracts will be allocated on one page of A4-size paper when printing the abstract book.
  • The submitted manuscript will be reduced to half size. Please check such as the size of the font of captions and others.
  • The box on the left of the title must be kept blank. Presentation number will be printed in the space.
  • The deadline for submission is July 16 (Tuesday).
  • Abstract must be submitted as PDF files of camera-ready versions. Fonts must be embedded when making a PDF file.
  • Presentation number given by the secretariat must be used as a file name of the abstract for submission. (i.e., 1A01.pdf, 3P85.pdf )
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