Abstract Submission

  • Download the template of abstract.
  • An email notification of presentation number was sent to your registered email address on June 22, 2015.
    If you have not received any notification, please check first your spam/junk folder, and then contact the secretariat office at annualmtg2016 [at] photochemistry.jp.
  • The abstract book will not be printed. After being inserted Presentation Number, abstracts will be provided on USB stick during the meeting exactly as submitted. Both in color/black and white are acceptable.

Before submitting your abstract

Once an abstract has been submitted it cannot be replaced, edited or revised.
Please check carefully all of the items below.
After that you will be able to enter the abstract submission form.
CHECK 1 : Abstract submission details
  • The title of abstract is exactly the same as that have already been registered (registration for presentation).
  • Authors' names and their order are exactly the same as that have already been registered (registration for presentation).
CHECK 2 : Name of the authors
  • Type LAST/ FAMILY NAME first followed by First/Given name.
  • Only capitalize the first letter of the first name(s). Family name(s) should be ALL CAPITALLIZED.
  • Type the author’s affiliation(s) in parentheses first, and author’s name(s) should be typed next. They should be separated by an empty line from the title.
  • The text should be separated by an empty line from the author’s affiliation(s) and name(s).

CHECK 3 : Space for Presentation Number
  • Please do NOT enter anything into the space for Presentation Number.

CHECK 4 : Paper size, Line spacing, Margins and Font
  • A4-size paper with the shorter side on the top
  • Margin is 25 mm both top and bottom, left and right.
  • Title : Times 14.0 pt Bold
  • Name of the authors : Times 12.0 pt Normal
  • Text : Times 12.0 pt Normal

CHECK 5 : To convert an abstract to PDF file
  • The abstract file should name "Presentation No." + ".pdf" (e.g. : 1A01.pdf, 3P125.pdf, 4S01.pdf)
  • Abstract must be submitted as PDF files of camera-ready versions. Fonts must be embedded when making a PDF file.
  • No security protection. Secretariat will insert Presentation Number.

CHECK 6 : Check and Correction by Secretariat Office
  • Abstracts that do not comply with style guidelines can’t be accepted. In this case, secretariat office will contact with the author (submitter) via e-mail.
  • Once you receive an e-mail from secretariat office, you must make appropriate corrections immediately and submit your abstract again in 24 hours. Any change except requested part can’t be accepted.
  • If secretariat office find some simple typo(s) in the registered details, we have right to correct them based on the submitted abstract without notice.