September 9 (Wed.) -11 (Fri.), 2015
Sugimoto Campus, Osaka City University

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Photo-Biology: Sensing Light and Manipulation with Light
Sep. 9 (Wed) 09:00-12:20 (200 min, English)
New Frontiers in Spin Photochemistry: From Material Science to Biochemistry
Sep. 9 (Wed) 13:20-15:40 (140 min, English)
Artificial Photosynthesis for the Catalytic Transformation with Solar Energy
Sep. 9 (Wed) 16:00-18:20 (140 min, English)
How to Open Academic Carrier after Postdoctoral Experiences in Abroad
Sep. 11 (Fri) 11:25-12:50 (85 min, Japanese)


International Symposium on Photochemistry:
Recent Development of Electroluminescent Materials/International Year of Light
September 8 (Tue.), 2015 13:00-
Media Center and Library, Osaka City University
This symposium begins with an introductory talk entitled "Organic Electronics: A Treasure Island of Photochemistry" given by Prof. Tokumaru followed by keynote and invited lectures by prominent frontier scientists such as Profs. Park, Kido, and Adachi, working in the fields of light-emitting devices. The presentations overview the current of light-emitting devices from the basics to their applications, as well as cutting-edge researches in one day. This is the pre-symposium held right before the annual meeting on photochemistry 2015.


International Workshop for Green Photonics
September 7 (Mon.), 2015 13:30-
Lecture room in Graduate School of Materials Science, Nara
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